Thursday, 31 May 2012

Sheep fall on cars after truck rolls... WHAT CRAP REPORTING WE HAVE HERE.

It was raining sheep on Melbourne motorists after a truck carrying 400 livestock rolled off a bend and hung precariously over a highway. 

What a bullshit and insensitive story. A heap of poor animals have been injured and killed through a freak accident and all this reporter can do is make light of it and think its a laugh.

This is the wanker type journalism that separates the real journo's from the bullshit ones. I know we are only talking about sheep, but at the end of the day, they are living animals that can feel pain and suffer death. Check it out here to see this bullshit story:

Have a heart and learn how to be a real journo!

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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Julian Assange Trumped Up Sex Charges

We all know the United States has been accused of trumping up these sexual assault charges against Julian Assange. They're pretty mad.

But, lets face it, the U.S. is not exactly innocent in its dealings with the rest of the world, but now we know it for sure.

They are now one step closer into getting Julian Assange onto United States soil so they can take him down. I'm not sure how they can do this as he wasn't on US soil when Wikileaks released the documents. He's not a US citizen. So, can anyone tell me how legally they can charge Julian Assange?

To all those who value freedom from repressive regimes like the US, retaliate now with your complaints to the various US embassies around the world and blogs such as these.

We all know that Wikileaks damaged the United States, but it wasn't the exposing of national secrets that was dangerous, it was the embarrassment of what the US had been doing behind people backs.

In fact, it's quite laughable. Citizens of the US have never been so downtrodden as they are now. The government wants to control internet, spy on phone calls, text messages.. and yes of course, there is the Patriot Act.

Gotta love the Yanks.

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Caleb Courneloup and his motly lot - Messengers of hate - booted from Rundle Mall

Hey Caleb and sheep followers ... sucked in... Did ya get booted out of Rundle Mall ?

What fantastic news :)

You can no longer go around and spread your words of hate in the family orientated environment of Rundle Mall. Thank GOD, He's on our side and not yours.

ps: You looked really cute too when you were all mad in the mall... Oh god.. did a lightning bolt come and hit me from your devil master for that gay comment ... ? (I'm not gay, but I like the thought of being able to stir Caleb coz he's such a public homophobe).

You're spreading the wrong word Caleb. One day you'll grow up and realise what a dick you've been.

Get Real

ps: Keep Googling yourself too, to see how popular you are ... no-one else is.

81 Year Old Man faces wife RAPE CHARGES from 1963 ADELAIDENOW STORY

What a load of bollocks.

I'm sick of this crap being thrown onto men. For all those who aren't sure what I'm talking about, check out the following link to an AdelaideNow story:

Pretty much, this poor bloke is accused of raping his wife back in 1963. His lawyers have tried to have the case heard as what the law would have been in this era - and failed. The Full Court of the High Court has ruled that he must face trial.

My question is .. why does it take 50 years for this woman to make this sort of allegation? If it's so important to her, why wasn't the allegation made 20 or 30 (or more) years ago?

I think some people (male or female) can move on from relationships that didn't work out, but others like to keep being a victim, so they have something to fall back on as an excuse because their life hasn't turned out as they wanted..

I'm sick to death of opening the paper or reading online of another bloke that's been accused of rape or sexual assault and they suddenly find they have to defend themselves against serious baseless accusations (usually by bimbo's who go out and get drunk, have sex with a bloke, then wake up next day, and think "God, how will I explain this to my friends .. I didn't even find him cute - ahh ... I know, I'll accuse him of assault or rape .. that way, I won't be seen as a loose bimbo".

Of course, once the lie starts, then you have to continue with it because if you own up to the lie, all shit hits the fan.

Why is it that women can get away with assault when they want sex and their partner (unwillingly) obliges? But men are deemed bastards and criminals if they want sex and their partner unwillingly obliges?

But, it's difficult for a bloke to report his wife/girlfriend for assault or rape. He faces ridicule by his mates, work colleagues, and possibly other people with whom he works ... "You mean.. she wanted SEX, AND you turned it down?

Why is the instance of men making complaints MUCH MUCH less than women? Who knows?

I personally think that a number of women have no problem with what happens in their relationship/marriage to a guy. However, with their future partner, the following may be a prelude to accusations:

Woman: "Oh, there were times, I didn't want sex, but I did it to please him"

New Hubby: "Thats ridiculous, he should have respected you"

Woman: "It's OK, I suppose it's expected"

New Hubby: "No it's not expected, that is tantamount to rape .. I think you should take action against him"

Woman: "No, its OK, It wasn't that bad"

New Hubby: "Look love, you have to be strong... you should report it to the police"

Of course, what the woman will (conveniently) forget is to look at is the times she "unfairly" coerced her husband into having sex with her when he didn't want it.

OK for a woman to complain, but for blokes, it's seen as 'unmanly' or 'girly', however, it is still a serious assault, and the bloke should make a complaint to police against the woman.

Well, I say to the blokes,  if you've been assaulted by a woman, and you were too sleepy, drunk or dozy to have sex, but were forced into the act, you have a legitimate reason to complain to police.

And to the women's groups that will complain, please bear in mind, not all assaults are committed by men. Those assaults are hidden by the embarrassment of a guy complaining, but at the end of the day, that embarrassment should not cloud the seriousness of the crime.

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Update: 4/11/2012

The defendant in this case has been reported as dying. Sorry if it offends anyone, but as far as I'm concerned.. too bad for the plaintiff. If she had had the "balls" to come forward a lot earlier, she may have seen this go to court.  Her pissy lawyer said she might be "able to deal with it a bit better" knowing at least it had got to the court stage. She obviously wasn't too worried about it over the past 50 or so years to report it!!

You see, the real problem is that no-one wants to take responsibility for their problems and actions anymore. You can report sex offences 50 years after they happen and the court and police will suck up to you. Too bad. If you don't have the gumption to report it from the start, or at least from a reasonable time afterwards, tough luck, you lose for being an irresponsible. I'm sick of blokes taking the rap for stuff when it seems perfectly OK for women to force their husbands to have sex when the guy doesn't want to... society (and women) seem to deem that OK.. what bullshit!!!

Adelaide City Council Car Park Fees

I note with interest (and amazement) that the relentless souls at Adelaide City Council are once again trying to kill off people coming into the city during the weekend. I have never seen a council so desperate to grab whatever cash they can off the citizens of Adelaide. (Temporarily) scrapped is the $5 all day parking (on Sundays) and to replace it is the "much fairer" $6 for the first 3 hours, then (slap in the face) $25 for the 4th hour and $30 if you go into 5 hours.

So in other words, if I want to meet up with friends, catch a movie, then get a bite to eat, I get hit with a huge car park fee because you're not going to do all that within 3 hours.

I really think the ACC has got it totally wrong this time. I know they're not the brightest bunch of workers who pretend that Adelaide is still in the 70's, but this really takes the cake. OK OK, I hear from the distance "We are trying to make people use public transport - that's why we are putting ridiculous parking fee's in place".

Well, if you're trying to get people to use public transport more, then liase with Chloe Fox to get our pathetic public transport system running properly.

At the end of the day, we want a vibrant city filled with people who will support the various businesses - cafes, clubs, pubs, retail shopping etc. etc. The Adelaide City Council needs to become a bit brighter and think outside the square.

What about introducing a 'rewards' system for people travelling into the city on weekends AND on public transport. Each person could be given a card valid for that day only which will entitle the holder to discounts at various shops, pubs etc. Businesses could register their interest and maybe pay a small fee to help administer printing of cards etc.

But I see it now, the council will want to appoint a consultant who will charge ridiculous fees and the study will take no less than six months (to get the demographics right!), and then appoint another consultant to liase with the various bus/train/tram bosses (and Unions) to figure how they will teach the drivers of the aforementioned vehicles how to hand out the (aforementioned) cards. Given that many drivers (of buses anyway) stare into deep space whilst passengers are embarking and disembarking, they may need to do a TAFE course to learn how to engage positively with the passenger (instead of scowling at them as they put their ticket in the machine the wrong way 4 times).

Come on Adelaide City Council - start being positive about drawing people into the city. You have to make it affordable, easy and pretty much an all round good experience. I know too many people who are happy to shop around Burnside Village, Marion and TTP, and give the city a miss because it's too expensive to park, traffic control is pathetic and .. (sadly) Rundle Mall looks nothing like those vibrant colourful ads on telly.

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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Bill Heffernan - The homophobe

Some of you may be aware of the attack on Ray Carter, by Bill Heffernan, both physical and verbal abuse calling Ray Carter a 'poofter'. This is disgusting, and something Heffernan needs to receive the sack for.

We don't need pricks like this in politics. He's old and his views are out of date.

Sack the arsehole.

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The loss of Judge Mark Griffin from Adelaide's judiciary

No doubt a lot of Adelaide people would be aware that Judge Mark Griffin has been forced to resign his respected position on the bench.

The resignation has been prompted by allegations of behaviour not befitting a person of his standing.

The allegation is that he frequented an eastern suburbs massage parlour, and because of that he has been forced to resign? Whilst I'm all for people being upstanding pillars in the community, it's hardly an allegation that someone should lose their job over.

Maybe I'm biased, but I really can't see what the big deal is about. OK, he visited a massage parlour... so what? Whilst some may claim it's not the most savoury of activities, it's not the end of the world. It's not like he was involved in underwworld activities and extortion, shooting etc. He simply visited a massage parlour - something probably a number of men do every week.

In my opinion, the result of this investigation is that Mark Griffin should have simply received a caution right from the very start that should his conduct become public, it could have an adverse affect on his standing in the community and judiciary. Simple. There's no more to it.

There was no need for raids on massage parlours, private residences & chambers. What items would be siezed from Mark Griffins home to prove a case? The investigation just careered off the road by over zealous officers/government wankers who are out to boost their own "I'm all important" ego's

Out of this pointless operation, Adelaide has lost a good promising judge.

What any person from the judiciary does behind closed doors is not a matter for public concern And, yes, technically, there may be elements of the unsavoury side, the investigation should have ended with a caution "If your massage parlour frequenting was to become public knowledge, it will do you damage". That's it. Then let Mr Griffin decide whether or not to continue that line of activity.

I would even go as far to say is that a lot of people in society have dark secrets they don't want other people to know. Those secrets could be that they love bondage or going to swingers parties. It doesn't matter that the person is a judge, police officer or just an ordinary person on the street. What they do behind closed doors is not our concern. I would even go as far to say that I have anecdotal evidence to say that more goes on behind closed doors than the public think... but that's personal, and I dont go splashing it around.

And to the person who dobbed Mark Griffin in, you are a scumbag. What goes around - comes round.

Good luck Mr Griffin.

At the end of the day, our government are such wankers! They have no idea what happens in the real world, and they rely upon old fart judges with beliefs that are in the sixties. At least Mark Griffin was fair and a great JUDGE.

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Friday, 11 May 2012

Scott Mundy Trial - reproduced without permission.

AFTER days of denying his guilt, a home invader has admitted murdering mother-of-three Karen Hodgson during a botched marijuana raid.
In a dramatic turn of events in the Supreme Court today, Scott Mundy, 31, changed his plea and admitted his involvement in the murder of Ms Hodgson in April 2010.
It was meant to be the fourth day of Mundy's trial but instead James Stewart, for Mundy, asked for his client to be rearraigned.
He then entered a plea of guilty.
Justice Michael David told jurors Mundy would now be dealt with "accordingly".
"It is a rather dramatic turn of events," he said.
"Let me say it was, in a sense, a tragic but most interesting legal trial.
"You have heard him admit his guilt. He has pleaded guilty and admitted the crime."
Earlier this week the court heard Mundy was one of three men who broke into Ms Hodgson's Sturt home on April 19, 2010.
Prosecutors said one was wielding a sawn-off shotgun that fired "inadvertently" as Ms Hodgson, her son Daniel, now 21, and several others were ordered into bedrooms by the robbers.
Ms Hodgson was shot in the back and died within minutes.
Jim Pearce, QC, prosecuting, said the target of the robbery was four cannabis plants Ms Hodgson was growing in her garage.
"On the prosecution case, it was a robbery that went terribly wrong," he said.
"Four cannabis plants, that's what prompted this attack and that's what led to the death of a 46-year-old mother of three."
Daniel De Groot, Ms Hodgson's youngest son, witnessed her murder and gave evidence in the trial earlier this week.
He told the court how he grabbed a piece of wood and a glass of water to ward off the intruders when he heard them bashing through the front door.
However, he dropped them in shock when a man holding a sawn-off shotgun started yelling at him to get into a bedroom.
He said Ms Hodgson was "confused" as she had just woken up, and started walking into his bedroom instead of her own when he heard the gun go off.
"I saw a flash and my mother fell (to the floor). My ears were blaring and I couldn't hear anything."
He said one of the attackers then asked "where's the keys" to the garage, to which he replied "mum knows".
Another man, whose identity is suppressed, has also pleaded guilty to Ms Hodgson's murder.
Prosecutors allege that man, 26, of Blair Athol, was holding the gun when it discharged.
The matter will return to court next week.

Well HELLO ... Another example of fucking around with drugs is not good for you.

I am happy that I can go around in my community and not have to look over my shoulder if a police car goes past... for all those bogans and druggies reading this.. fuck you.. you choose this life... you die by it!! Being in the hospital community, I see the same people overdose each week and for the most part get over it , and sometime they don't come back to life.. tough luck.. they took the chances and lost.. who cares..... harsh I know... but they know the risks.