Saturday, 19 May 2012

The loss of Judge Mark Griffin from Adelaide's judiciary

No doubt a lot of Adelaide people would be aware that Judge Mark Griffin has been forced to resign his respected position on the bench.

The resignation has been prompted by allegations of behaviour not befitting a person of his standing.

The allegation is that he frequented an eastern suburbs massage parlour, and because of that he has been forced to resign? Whilst I'm all for people being upstanding pillars in the community, it's hardly an allegation that someone should lose their job over.

Maybe I'm biased, but I really can't see what the big deal is about. OK, he visited a massage parlour... so what? Whilst some may claim it's not the most savoury of activities, it's not the end of the world. It's not like he was involved in underwworld activities and extortion, shooting etc. He simply visited a massage parlour - something probably a number of men do every week.

In my opinion, the result of this investigation is that Mark Griffin should have simply received a caution right from the very start that should his conduct become public, it could have an adverse affect on his standing in the community and judiciary. Simple. There's no more to it.

There was no need for raids on massage parlours, private residences & chambers. What items would be siezed from Mark Griffins home to prove a case? The investigation just careered off the road by over zealous officers/government wankers who are out to boost their own "I'm all important" ego's

Out of this pointless operation, Adelaide has lost a good promising judge.

What any person from the judiciary does behind closed doors is not a matter for public concern And, yes, technically, there may be elements of the unsavoury side, the investigation should have ended with a caution "If your massage parlour frequenting was to become public knowledge, it will do you damage". That's it. Then let Mr Griffin decide whether or not to continue that line of activity.

I would even go as far to say is that a lot of people in society have dark secrets they don't want other people to know. Those secrets could be that they love bondage or going to swingers parties. It doesn't matter that the person is a judge, police officer or just an ordinary person on the street. What they do behind closed doors is not our concern. I would even go as far to say that I have anecdotal evidence to say that more goes on behind closed doors than the public think... but that's personal, and I dont go splashing it around.

And to the person who dobbed Mark Griffin in, you are a scumbag. What goes around - comes round.

Good luck Mr Griffin.

At the end of the day, our government are such wankers! They have no idea what happens in the real world, and they rely upon old fart judges with beliefs that are in the sixties. At least Mark Griffin was fair and a great JUDGE.

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  1. I totally agree!!!

    I believe the only person Judge Griffin needs to answer to is his wife!

    I have appeared before Judge Griffin in court and all I can say is he is a very fair judge.

    He listens and takes everything into account unlike alot of the judges.

    Our court system has lost in this situation.

    As for these officers who did the raids etc. Im sure some of them have probably visited a parlour at some point!!!!

    Good Luck Mr. Griffin.

  2. He should never have been made a judge in the first place since he defended Bevan Spencer Von Einem for free - good riddance!

  3. I lot more going on here than what's in the press believe me.

  4. Comment of anonymous 22 July has to be right. These days, mere patronage of a knock shop would hardly raise an eyebrow even if it did raise some other part of the judicial anatomy.

  5. I can not believe the biased, nonsense, bullshit, a**e sucking crap I’ve just read. Do you know what you’re saying? And have you ever had a first hand experience with the dishonourable mark griffin? He is not the person you make him out to be and I’ve never heard such a one sided rant...

    In a statement released by his legal representation on his behalf it says;

    "I have not seen the statement issued by his honour, the Chief Judge, but in so far as media outlets have suggested that my client was 'forced' to resign, they are incorrect, as are reports as to the reason for the resignation..."

    So don’t give me this shit about him being forced to resign because it's unsubstantiated bullshit. That’s just one of many points you made that where absolute crap, you don’t know what you are talking about so you should just keep your mouth shut.

    I have dealt with the dishonourable mark griffin and I can tell you he is a biased and one sided as you. He is full of shit and was a useless judge who should never have been appointed in the first place and will not be missed!

  6. A very un-fair judge who takes only the alleged victims testimony into account! Pure scumbag!

  7. Ironic that you have brought up the word 'biased' in your little rant 'anonymous'. clearly you have been slighted by Judge Griffin. He is a brilliant judge and was a brilliant lawyer, probably the best defence lawyer in Adelaide and greater Australia during his time. Hard working and considerate, it is an unfortunate loss for the South Australian legal system no matter what the offence he committed actually was.

  8. Well I never attacked his credibility or capability as a defence lawyer and I’m afraid I disagree with you (and I’m not the only one), he WAS far from a brilliant judge…

  9. There is rather a strange standard at play in Adelaide legal system. Such a pity to lose a good judge over such a thing. So much for judicial tenure and independence. If he had just got drunk and knocked over a cyclist?

  10. Ex-District Court Judge, Mark Griffin QC, is an underhanded, ruthless mongrel. His only ambition is to seek dollars from whatever organisation is prepared to employ his atrocious services. I've read he may have once upon a time been capable of forming a sentence. He's a shocking, unscrupulous aresehole who should rot in hell .. especially for jailing so called criminals when he was as guilty as sin

  11. Mark Griffin is an honourable man. He is an extremely intelligent, honest and efficient QC.
    He will always be remembered this way.
    He who has not sinned may throw the first stone!

  12. It is with great sadness that I have come across this blog that caused me great distress as a young boy. Whilst the articles written about my father throughout 2012 were cause for embarrassment; disrespectful comments posted anonymously online hurt the most.

    Since my fathers' passing, I have had time to reflect on the type of man he was and his legacy. I am proud to be his son - he was a remarkable father and an incredible advocate. I know that he will be remembered as a wonderful person.

    It saddens me that people felt the need to post those awful comments without signature.

    It would be appreciated if this thread could be deleted, as it still causes difficulty for his family.

  13. Matthew, you should be very proud with your great late father. I just knew about his passing today. My sincere condolences. He will always be remembered.