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Tonya Lee ... another 'so called' victim of Rolf Harris .. Give me some money and I'll give ya a really great story!

I am sick to death of reading about people who suddenly come out of the woodwork when they think that a buck can be made from a story that's currently in the public eye.

I speak about Tonya Lee who just happens to have come out - at the right time - and SELL her story to Woman's Day and A Current Affair. Not only that, good 'ol Tonya even engaged a publicity manager to make the most of it.

It's quite possible that this woman - Tonya Lee - met Rolf Harris back in 1986 as she claims, but of course instead of going to police after her alleged assault, she apparently decided to stay silent, but come back to Australia a changed person.

Well, I ask Tonya Lee.. where is your proof that the alleged assault occurred? It was never reported, never spoken about .. and now years later and after a wad of cash is thrown at you, you decide to tell your story. I fail to see any genuineness in it.

My personal belief (and many others too) is that Tonya Lee is motivated by greed and the possibility of receiving some victims of crime payout should the case proceed, and,  in the unlikely event that some form of guilt is found. I would have thought a 'victims' real concern would not be the money at all. I ask the question, why would you go to a victims of crime group first BEFORE even seeing the police and laying a complaint. It's arse about. And in addition, when did Tonya Lee go to the V.O.C. group? Was it 10 years ago? 15 years ago? or did Lee just go to V.O.C when allegations against Rolf Harris became public?

What makes Lee appear to be not genuine is that she decided to SELL her story. You could have quite willingly said "No, I want no money, I just want the truth to be known". Or you could have laid a complaint with police and simply said nothing to any media outlets.

Tonya if you are indeed telling the truth, I think it was a very wrong move to engage an agent and sell your story. That, in addition to going to V.O.C. first makes it look like you're in it for the money, and if that's the case, it makes your own personal case look very feeble and contrived.

In relation to your various obsessive behaviours and eating disorders, how can you totally attribute that to the alleged assault? The disorders and obsessive behaviour may have happened anyway in your life, irrespective of what allegedly happened in your youth.

According to news stories I've read, AND, not wanting to make light of the claims, pretty much you were allegedly touched up a bit by Rolf Harris inappropriately - a bit of a groping in effect. Whilst I'm sure this would be upsetting to a child, it's not the end of the world. Liken the analogy to a dirty old family friend that hugs you a bit longer than they should. Sure it's innapropriate,  you can't blame this alleged event as being the catalyst of everything wrong in your life.

Sometimes people like to be the victim or remain a victim. Why ? Because it gives them an excuse to fall back on when things don't work out in their lives. "I never made it to University because Uncle Freddy pressed up a bit too close one Christmas".

If you are indeed telling the truth Tonya Lee .. I commend you for coming forward. It's only a pity that you didn't come forward when the event happened as now your story holds a lot less weight. It obviously didn't weigh upon you too much over the years else you would have taken action much earlier.

And to all the women who'll take offence to this blog, yes, I know I'm looking at matters very black and white with no shades of grey, but that's exactly what a court will do. Courts don't make decisions based upon a person crying in a witness box, they make decisions based on cold hard fact. A defence lawyer will immediately spring forth with "Why did you go to a Victim Of Crimes group first instead of the police? Were you seeing how much money you could make with a story".

Courts have to consider both sides of a story, especially when so long a time has passed since the alleged event. They even have to consider whether the plaintiff is making up the story to make some money. Yes, they do that!!

Most Adelaide people will remember the young 15 or so year old lad who said he was sexually assaulted in the Eastern suburbs back around a year ago by 3 men in a white van. He went on in a lot of detail during his police conversations, to the extent of mentioning there were pipes on the roof of the van. That youth has now been charged with making a false story to police. Yes, it was all bullshit. Now if a 15 year old can do it, why not someone older?

This is why courts and police don't immediately give creedence to this type of complaint until all the facts have been looked at and it's properly assessed because, like the 15 year old boy, there are things happening behind the scenes that sometimes we don't always understand until the whole matter is considered in context.

Get Real

Update  30/6/2014

No surprise really... Rolf Harris found guilty of 12 sex offences.

Tonya Lee still giving her interviews and laughing at Rolf Harris for the guilty verdict. Well Tonya, you're still the same character I think you are (and a lot of other people think you are), and you may have helped bring Rolf Harris down, but people will see through your character. I'm not saying that Rolf Harris is innocent, but I'm sure there has been a lot of twisting of the truth by 'victims' to dig the knife in. The Rolf Harris case was never going to be a fair trial. In most cases, the victims are simply believed because of the old thought "Why would she/he make up such an allegation"? Here's a case of a 13 year old girl reporting an abduction and sexual assault, and only after proper questioning by police, she agreed that she was lying.

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Update 2/7/2014

Another Australian woman, Nina Becker has got on the bandwagon saying she was abused by Rolf Harris in the 1970's. And of course, it's straight to Seven News to sell her story. Well Nina, you're in the same league as Tonya Lee. What about going to the police and not worrying about selling your story to the news first? Some of these opportunist people really make me sick. You've had years to come good and make your complaint, and only do it now after you "find the strength". You make a claim of historical abuse and it would be impossible for just about anyone to refute it. I say PROVE IT. Where is your PROOF? Oh, it happened 40 years ago? Well tough luck, you should have come out of the woodwork then and made your complaint!

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  1. There were some rather strange details in Tonya Lee's story that a barrister will jump on. She said that Rolf H put his hand down her waistband. Then changed that to up her skirt.
    Then she said he put his hand inside het stockings, then changed that to tights.
    Then she said nobody noticed because sh was sitting on his knee but all was covered by the tablecloth. English pubs don't use tablecloths.
    She said that he then waited for her outside the toilet. REALLY? A famous star likevRH waited outside a ladies toilet in a pub and nobody noticed? He then groped he and nobody saw???? I don't believe you Mrs Lee! Utter rubbish! The defence team will visit the pub if it still there. They will look for other people from that party. They will try to find photographs including any of you. Wouldn't it be funny if you were wearing trousers in any photos they dig up? Or the toilets are not in a corridor at all?
    I am having to post as anon but my name is Pat Davies from England.

    1. So Pat, now Rolf has been found guilty and sentenced, any chance you are humble enough to apologise to Tonya?

  2. Actually, she went to the police first. The media got a hold of it, hounded her, and so she decided to call Max who she had seen on TV to handle all the people harassing her for a story. If you tell journo's you're doing a story, especially an exclusive, then tend to back off, and give you room to breathe. It's standard practice to be paid for interviews. It ensures exclusivity, whether is $5 or $5000. The media is making money from your story, so why shouldn't you receive compensation for your time. Newspapers just like to bitch because they lose stories all the time to people who will actually treat their story a bit better.
    Victims of sexual abuse typically wait 20-30 years before telling their story. Just look at all the victims speaking up in the Royal Commission. Many of them have never spoken before either.

    1. Compensation is the reason why they make false claims. Vivienne Dye worked for CommSec and claimed the managers sexually harassed her. When they didn't pay her off, as she wanted, there was a trial costing about 6 million dollars. Justice John Buchanan found her allegations unbelievable and she was exposed as a fraud. Same sort of thing.

    2. What baloney! Are you learning challenged? Try re-reading this and see if it's easier to understand this time:
      "The media got a hold of it, hounded her, and so she decided to call Max who she had seen on TV to handle all the people harassing her for a story. If you tell journo's you're doing a story, especially an exclusive, then tend to back off, and give you room to breathe. It's standard practice to be paid for interviews. It ensures exclusivity, whether is $5 or $5000. The media is making money from your story, so why shouldn't you receive compensation for your time. Newspapers just like to bitch because they lose stories all the time to people who will actually treat their story a bit better."
      Regarding being a fraud, apparently not Einstein; as difficult and challenging as the testimony process was for Tonya, Rolf has been found guilty of the crimes against her he was charged with. So much for your 'opinion' as the jury & judge are better informed about this than you!

    3. Rolf Harris is innocent and the only 'victim' here, of a gross Miscarriage Of Justice and a jury who did not know which way was up, being forced to judge 4 main complainants and 7 wheeled in from abroad, ALL of whom had NO evidence nor witnesses to ANY claim they made. Now, over 6 months later, there is still not a SHRED of evidence to prove Rolf was EVER at Leigh Park Community Centre, where he NEVER was....nor that Miss Cambridge was EVER at 'Star Games' either, when said she'd been at 'It's A Celebrity Knockout' in 1975, her story being changed entirely to fit around the video found, even her AGE changing too, from 13/14 to 16/17...Tonya lied to the Op. Yewtree police, admitting this in Court, she also lied in her story about Rolf, when she claimed she met him at the start of the tour, he allegedly abusing her then, having to admit in Court, when presented with the Tour Itinerary that in REALITY, she did not go to that party until just a few days before she left, again having to admit she could not blame her weight loss on Rolf (she lost nearly a stone) suddenly changing this to being 'homesick' insteand. Her story, in my view, is total tosh, lies from start to finish...She also had her HUSBAND, Fian McDaid sent to prison for 3 months for abuse..(well, well) and paid him $10,000 to 'make him go away' after he'd threatened to tell she was lying and had made it all up. She said, in Court, that he'd said this because he wanted her to drop the charges against him. Really? Then WHY did she pay him the money, which she owned up to in Court.. As to Bindi's ex-friend, I believe she engineered every one of the 8/10 encounters they had over 11 YEARS! It was NO affair. She even INVITED Rolf to her home one time, allegedly to talk about Bindi, but it became physical. She then blamed this on her being drunk and said she was soooo scared of him she'd never refuse him! Right, so she's terrified of this gentle, loving man, yet, she INVITES him to her home, and she continues to visit HIS home, as a teenagers and older woman? Total fecking rubbish! She was also hugely jealous when she found out that someone else had worked their way into Rolf's life, calling the woman a cow, old and an ugly bitch. Those are NOT the words of an abused person, but one who is deathly jealous. Rolf ended their series of encounters once and for all and my god, but he's paid dearly for doing that...Oh, and contrary to many stories out there, she did not ask Rolf for £25,000 to start up a bird sanctuary. She asked him for this money because her BOYFRIEND ALREADY HAD THIS SANCTUAARY but was in DEEP financial trouble....I believe Rolf entirely when he said she threatened to go to the papers if he did not give her the money. I think he's been living in hell, secretly, for many, many years, just waiting for her to take her revenge.....She, in my view, utterly betrayed Bindi's friendship and that of Alwen too, above everyone else, whilst telling the court she continued to go to their home to keep in contact with Alwen...Part 2 follows

    4. Part 2 ...As to the child porn, a young lad had stayed at Rolf's house for a few weeks, with his parents, in recent times. He used Rolf's computer in the early hours, when everyone was in bed...He was banned from using a computer in his own home and in other places, one assumes due to what he searched for...I've only found this out recently, even though it was written elsewhere months back. And, the brother of Rolf's computer engineer said that his brother had NEVER found ANY porn on Rolf's computer in all the time he was taking care of it for Rolf. I could go on and on about all the women who've since jumped out of the woodwork too, but I'm tired of all this shit about Rolf....Oh..and look up how Rupert Murdoch and Paul Dacre took their revenge on Rolf for his lawyers stopping them from releasing his name immediately. Check out the Support Rolf Harris page for more details and don't even get me started on the outrageous libel The Sun did about Rolf and Broadmoor!!!!! Broadmoor issued an official statement about this, saying that NOTHING untoward had happened at ALL and that Rolf was accompanied by staff at all times. Other celebrities also went to Broadmoor to help Savile, as Broadmoor had ASKED Savile to help soften their image (?) by bringing in family entertainers, hence Rolf..and Pan's People too...they had ARMED guards to protect them though...Rolf Harris is a kind, decent, loving man, who has spent 60 years inspiring us all, working hard to inspire children, to protect them too, to teach them to swim, as he nearly drowned as a toddler, going on to become a champion swimmer....He is the victim of a very vindictive woman and many Gold diggers and Narcissists, I believe...and I feel terrible sorrow for him. His wife and daughter have stood right beside Rolf throughout all of his ups and downs as they still are today. They LOVE him unconditionally now and THAT is the true measure of Rolf, that he admitted he has faults, messed up, apologized from his big heart and was taken back into the love of his family. He's a GOOD man. OPEN YOUR EYES, PEOPLE!

  3. Except she told her story after he had already been arrested. She was the second victim to come forward, and two others came forward after her. She is the only one to have spoken out publicly.

    So are they all lying, even those who have kept a low media profile or just Tonya? Or is it possible that where there's smoke there's fire, especially among 4 women telling similar stories who didn't know each other either as children or adults.

    And let's not forget the 'indecent images' found in his house.

    What is more interesting is the tendency of the masses to blame the victim(s) every time a woman has the courage to speak out. People don't want to believe that entertainers they have idolised are capable of such acts. Because if its them, then it could be anyone. Who can you trust? Its easier just to vilify the victim than to face these confronting issues.

    Unfortunately that's the reality. Abusers are everyday people, nice people on the tv, not dodgy perves in raincoats. We live in a world where 1 in 3 women are victims of sexual abuse. Wake up.

    1. It would be very unlikely that, after 83 years of life, RH is a discovered paedophile. RH's had an affair which stopped when the woman was 29 years old. She may have felt scorned when it ended which instigated the false claims. The common thing about these false victims, particularly the 'jump on the bandwagon' claims that come later, is that they are all long term drug or alcohol abusers. When they get to middle age the consequences of addiction hit them hard. Their counsellors usually try to find childhood abuse for their reasons for turning to drugs. The common reason for taking drugs is boredom, but abuse (fabricated) is a more favored reason. Using RH as a scapegoat for their drug taking, and obtaining large compensation payments, is the aim here.

    2. You may be surprised that after 83yrs of life Rolf Harris is exposed as being a paedophile, but it's not a revelation for everyone....
      Highly recommend you never think about training to be a counsellor, as they need to be people with more eq than you currently possess. However, using TL as your scapegoat to vent your prejudices on this blog is a low act!

    3. Before she heard about the first accuser who had occasional sex with Harris, as an adult, for 10 years. Tonya Lee was a serious alcoholic who was $3000 in debt to the tax department, and $10,000 in debt to her credit card. The credit card interest had a very high level of interest bank and the tax department will issue a fine. She was getting desperate. Just after the tweets about Harris started, she rushed to get a certificate of psychological damage mentioning the fake abuse for the first time. She planned the false allegation to get money. She succeeded. She was in a theatre group when she was a kid so she had done a number of years of acting. Look at her Current Affair interview. This was obviously an act.
      She falsely claims she was groped by Harris when she was 15. She was confident and used to being loud on stage. Yet she didn't scream, she didn't tell her friends, peers, parents or the tour manager.
      Harris somehow knew she would not tell anyone, even though this is the first time he had met her, in a crowded pub. Must be a mind reader.
      A major part of Tonya Lee’s false story was that she lost about a stone (6.4 kg) of weight because she was so affected by the abuse. Then it was demonstrated, via a tour pamphlet, that the pub meal was in the last week of the 6 week tour. So she was caught in a major lie central to the abuse allegation. She was blaming anorexia and bulimia on the abuse by Harris.
      Then it was shown, during the Harris trial, that she was 11 years old when she told a doctor about these health issues. Anorexia and bulimia at 11… this is one neurotic woman we are talking about.

    4. Harris was headlined in the media as being charged with "MAKING INDECENT IMAGES OF A CHILD". These false charges were dropped before the trial started, they were dropped because the woman in charge of the Department of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders, and the trial prosecutor Sasha Wass knew that they had NO evidence about child porn on Harris’ computer. Only legal websites that, "may have been visited" and those websites contained absolutely NO child porn. The publicity of such a thing was extremely damning. Even Harris’ closest friends would want to stand a distance from Harris after this misleading news was deliberately leaked by the CPS.
      There is HARD evidence that what was on the Harris computer is very similar to the contents of MOST men in the UK and other democratic countries. Discussed below.
      In the past if there was even slight negative media coverage a conviction could be appealed and the appeal upheld on that basis alone. The UK and other democratic countries have degenerated to such an extent that the legal authorities that used to protect citizens rights are now actively lying and cheating to scam wealthy innocent old men.
      This situation has been caused by decades of feminist lobbying for changes to the law and feminists attaining high positions of responsibility within government. All men should note that what happened to Rolf Harris could happen to them. Harris was well known and wealthy which was a disadvantage for him. Many ordinary men are being victimised in a similar way but most men have only one accuser. To be the most immune from false accusations it is necessary to be poor and preferably unemployed. These days, if the man is well known and wealthy, he will receive the 'jump on the bandwagon' effect. In other words other false accusers will copycat the first. For the money involved, there are many who are willing to falsely accuse … because there are no ramifications if they are caught lying.

    5. Harris DID NOT 'make' ANY indecent images of a child, CPS deliberately leaked the false suggestion that “indecent images of a child” were found on the Harris’ computer. They did this long before the trial began, and this prejudiced ALL potential jury members of Harris’ integrity/character. They deliberately did this knowing that Harris was innocent of these false charges.
      The arguments in favour of Harris on the false accusations of child porn are many, some are as follows:
      There are significant numbers of specialist police, including internet software experts, who troll the Internet for down-loaders of child porn. They have a big budget and employ computer and Internet experts. They work with similar people overseas and often exchange information. It is advantageous for politicians to support fighting crime and fighting child abuse is the biggest vote getter. To avoid detection a perpetrator downloading child porn would have to have some expertise at using privacy software and VPN providers etc. Indeed this is what is happening. The police are not catching people who take proper precautions and that is one of the reasons why an old man like Harris is easy meat. They have to get some publicity that they are fighting crime. The politicians want results and publicity for the money spent.
      The fact that Harris wrote down instructions for deleting his browsing history was used against Harris during the trial. It was used by the media to imply guilt. The truth is that a very old man like Harris who needed to write down such instructions could not possibly escape detection if he actually downloaded illegal images. (He did not even know how to clean his deleted hard-drive space - he was virtually completely ignorant of all privacy safeguards). The details of any files downloaded by Harris would be available as history kept by the Internet Provider company and the police have access to such information. If files on a home computer are deleted they can be undeleted by any experienced computer person using free software.
      If Harris was someone who searched for and downloaded actual child porn he would have been charged and convicted because the evidence for it would have been astoundingly clear.
      The seizing of Harris’ computer, in 2012, was purely a result of his scorned 47 year old ex-girlfriend (let’s call her Complainant1. Born in 1965). She wanted a large chunk of the Harris family’s money. Harris broke off contact with Complainant1 after she requested £25,000 from him in 1997 when she was 28 (spiced with danger of media exposure). Nineteen years later, utilising a feminist alcohol/drug counsellor to make the police contact, Harris was arrested. After Harris was taken in for an interview, the police seized any equipment in the Harris household that could connect to the Internet or store files. This is the standard, mandatory part of the arresting process.
      The porn websites, visited by the Harris computer, contained only women of legal age. A website in the Ukraine was sourced for evidence that the models were all over 18. The evidence that the website contained only legal models was given to the prosecution and there was no excuse for the continued implication that that Harris had downloaded child porn. If the CPS had real evidence of indecent images of children being created, or downloaded using the Harris computer, they would have charged him with it. Passing information to the media about charges that were never actually made was a deliberate ploy to bias the mindset of the public and the jury. The prosecutor, Sasha Wass, obviously disapproved of all porn, so she wanted to make this clear to all men by punishing Harris. Some middle aged women are like this and there is no other explanation for her behaviour.

    6. We want to put the REAL criminals behind bars. The system has an interest in incarcerated harmless old men while the younger active perpetrators are out and about, doing their thing.
      We need proper legal process. At the moment the legal system in the UK is seriously broken.
      The news articles state that whoever used the Harris computer searched for "just teens" and "younger girls"; this could easily have been the 15 year old boy who stayed at his home.
      These search words have likely been used by about a million males in the UK alone. Many males would search for words much more explicit than these. The search words were NOT indicative of illegal tendencies nor were they necessarily inputted by Harris.
      There are very graphic poses from very youthful models on many MILLIONs of legal porn webpages. There are people, often women, who organise and make these legal websites. Should all the thousands of people involved in producing these sites all be walking around while an innocent 84 year old is persecuted for browsing them?
      Many women, including prosecutor Sasha Wass and DPP head Allison Saunders, are no doubt disgusted at the way young women are making money in the porn industry and disgusted at the way men use porn but making Harris a scapegoat for the industry is not rational.
      Hard evidence, by way of ID cards, have been submitted by the trial defence barrister proving that the models were of legal adult age. These ID cards would have a dob and a photo.

    7. After a significant percentage of failed attempts at convictions, the Yewtree witch-hunt squad was becoming desperate for a bad guy to bolster their image. If they knew one thing, they knew that the justice system had numerous built in advantages for them, and guilt was not a requirement.
      In many cases of false allegations we have a substance abuser.
      Counsellors have a routine they follow when talking to their substance abuse clients. They ask their clients to think of traumatic events in their past, especially in their childhood, that might have led to the client initially start to misuse drugs/alcohol. Child abuse is a favourite excuse. Studies show that boredom is the most common reason for starting substance abuse, but boredom is not an interesting choice when dealing with a counsellor. Drug addicts often compete for positions in free government rehabilitation accommodation and using boredom as a reason for initially using drugs/alcohol, is unlikely to result in a successful application. Child abuse is much more likely to achieve the desired result as it makes the applicant appear as an innocent victim.

    8. Once a reason for starting to abuse drugs/alcohol is settled upon, the counsellor always asks a client to write down some the detail, perhaps in the form of a diary. Complainant1 had been an alcoholic throughout the 10 years of her occasional meetings with Harris (1983 – 1993) and she never used Harris as an excuse during that time, but she knew the routine that counsellors use. Hence it was very easy for her to start giving Harris as an excuse whenever she liked.
      Long-term substance abusers who accuse a man of historic child abuse often write inconsistent stories to their many counsellors over the years and this evidence can contribute to an acquittal in a court case. Complainant1 however planned her attack on Harris, hence she wrote accounts which were consistent. She kept the letter written to her father by Harris and I have no doubt she made sure that records of her story to her substance abuse counsellors/therapists/doctors were also kept. The fact that all these records were intact and consistent is actually evidence that she set him up. The letter from Harris to her father, when analysed properly, is excellent evidence that she set him up. There is a significant proportion of addicts who use child abuse as an historic excuse for starting their habit. It can start as a fabricated excuse of convenience or it can be used to increase the probability of entering a free government rehabilitation facility. The fabricated story must have a person chosen as the perpetrator, this chosen person can be an imaginary person, it can be a person who had sex with them and then dumped them, or it can be a person they fantasised about when they were young. Some long term drug addicts who have entered middle age, have false beliefs that they have actually been sexually abused. This happens due to cognitive impairment caused by the drugs. If sexual abuse was used as a false excuse for turning to drugs, the story can become real to the drug addict after the third or fourth time they have managed to get into a rehabilitation program. They start to believe their own fabricated story due to the brain damage that continuous prolonged drug/alcohol abuse can create. Any man with money, who has shared accommodation with a female when they were young, a female who degenerated into a long-term drug addict, has a significant probability of being charged when the drug addict gets to middle age. The age when the addict is out of work, out of money and cognitively impaired.

  4. The indecent images charge appears to have been dropped. The latest BBC report mentions only indecent assault charges (, a quarter of which are from Tonya Lee. In the TV interview, she sheds tears, but also seems quite eager to tell her story. She is reported to feel shortchanged on the paid media interviews (

  5. The idea of sitting on a man's lap with legs astride his while wearing a skirt then feeling him move around underneath and being groped by him in a room full of people who don't notice then going to the toilet echoes what Jimmy Savile's grand-niece said in an interview on ITV's This Morning, uploaded to YouTube in October 2012, seven months before Tonya Lee's TV interview (, Jimmy Savile's grand-niece was 12 and apparently made to sit that way by Savile. Tonya Lee was 14 and says she was invited to sit on Rolf Harris's lap. She does not explain why she was sitting astride his legs.

    "I ask the question, why would you go to a victims of crime group first BEFORE even seeing the police and laying a complaint."
    Perhaps it was a dress rehearsal.

    1. Thanks for proving you have never given a statement to the police as a child victim of a sexual predator, and how relevant your lack of comprehension is. When the pervert who tried to abduct me when I was about 7yo exposed himself, how easy was it for me as a terrified child to tell what had happened to other strangers at the police station, let alone the challenge that had no idea of words to use for the statement as didn't even know words like penis/masturbating/etc at that age.

    2. Maybe my experience can help answer your question, as I still haven't gone to the police about the teacher who tried to seduce me, but I have gone to counselling etc. He waited til I was over the age of consent to attempt to seduce me, and while he was attempting to get me to be sexual with him he declared that he'd felt about me this way ever since he was my teacher, which helped me understand that all the extra attention he gave me was him starting to groom me when I was 10yrs old. I trusted that man so much, I trusted him as much as a surrogate dad, and that's what I'd naively thought he felt toward me until that night he kept trying to seduce me.
      One way it'd be great if there were others who came forward, so a legal team who don't care about truth as much as they care about winning couldn't abuse the she said/he said, but he's a respected teacher your honour, etc, etc, ways to try to con the court about who is being truthful, or if there was hard evidence like security footage, but there wasn't, and I can't cope with the possibility of the legal system's fallibilities denying me justice or letting him be wrongly declared innocent.... But if there were others, and he didn't wait til they were over the age of consent, it would break my heart again.
      Do I deserve to be slagged by you or anyone? Also not a good look being on the pick-on-Tonya-bandwagon. Please remember who wilfully committed crimes, and who was targeted, who was a child, who was naive, whose innocence was shattered, who was afraid due to things never deserved by them.

    3. Caroline Robinson was interviewed by police in October 2013, she's Savile's great-niece, for alleged false allegations after her daughter went to the police saying her mother had done this purely in the hope of getting £compensation. Oddly, NO MENTION has been heard since from the police about the outcome of this investigation. I wonder WHY?

  6. The writer of this blog is apparently "sick of journalists' bad grammar and spelling mistakes". I can't help wondering how he would recognise either, having read the above nonsense. A case of pot and kettle, perhaps....

    1. Yes, I agree with you to a point. My reason is that journalists have supposedly been professionally trained, obtained diploma's etc and are supposed to be skilled in the art of writing stories. I am not professionally trained, nor have I undergone any journalist type course, diploma's etc, but my grammar and spelling is still much better than some I've seen! The purpose of my blog is to present another side which is not always presented in a balanced manner by journalists trying to make a name for themselves with hard hitting stories.

    2. I would think that the easiest way to sort out genuine victims from those who want to make money from these kind of cases is to make it clear that they will receive no financial benefit if the defendant is found guilty but that the defendant will face the maximum sentence allowed or as decided by the judge. Total anonymity for alleged victims should still be allowed but I am sure if people genuinely just want justice then they should accept that that is what the law is there for. Punish the guilty and release the innocent.

    3. I agree that taking out the financial element would help sort the sheep from the goats. I also can't understand how anyone who has talked to and sold their story to the media can be allowed even to appear as a witness in court. Harris is also facing accusations, apparently to try to reinforce the idea that there was a pattern to his behaviour, from people who allege assault outside the UK, even though he can't be tried for crimes outside the UK. They have all apparently came forward since the Jimmy Savile revelations, multiple stories all over the news easily accessible online anywhere in the world. Groping must be the least serious form of indecent assault that could most easily be claimed to have happened decades ago with no evidence and no trauma. The one everyone could imagine most easily if they weren't a victim of sexual assault. Celebs get around meeting the public. Put those things together, plus the possibility of compensation and the option for online inspiration from reports about an elderly abusive TV star who made children's programmes (Savile), plus even other reports since then (like the one about the elderly UK TV star Bill Roache, who was unanimously acquitted, being described as an octopus) and it's hard to see how it is possible to be sure that anyone coming forward decades after the alleged event is presenting what happened, if anything did, as it really happened.

    4. Sexual abuse at any age is a violation, but children victims, esp pre ’stranger danger’ being part of the parenting too, not only didn’t have the words to speak, but often not the ability either &may have been with adults influenced by ideas like children should not speak unless spoken to/children should be seen & not heard/spare the rod & spoil the child/etc; thankfully now-a-days children are encouraged to speak, have hotlines they can use, mandatory reporting safety structures, educational programs to skill them. Please let go the naive idea compo’s a rort or freebie. Nor does it undo arrested cerebral/emotional/psychological/etc development/suffering &false shame endured/impact of lack of remorse of the criminal/isolation/health impacts, eg eating disorders (basically a slow suicide), depression/preventable suffering at lack of honesty (as part of cleaning their conscience or bucket lists, are offenders at police stations making statements, or hoping to die before statements by their victims get them into court & misusing presumption of innocence and ability to influence perception of public/police/barristers/etc to whitewash their crimes as long as possible? ...and how can we, as the public, enable that?)& mockery if crime info become public/lack of peace or justice in the sentence/etc lived over decades by the childhood victim. Nor restore the brain/heart/soul/relationships/career/quality of life/etc to where would be without this criminal’s impact on your life, or, and even worse for a parent, it can’t undo the impact on loved ones. Do not envy ‘compensation’ to one who has been thus burdened, as it cannot truly compensate or restore what was so violated by very bad behaviour of dishonest predatory adults.
      Is it possible those unwise enough to presume financial compensation as motivating factor for speaking up, similarly the idea of dress rehearsal as pseudo contribution to improved real journalism in Aust, are envious of unwanted attention some survivors received & have 'sour grapes'? Maybe if given the ‘opportunity’ of receiving derisory $ so they can be taken to a location they’re not familiar with, assaulted, have numerous impacts of crimes done to them impact on them & people they love for an indeterminate length of time, at unspecified times, etc, they may be wise enough to decline the ‘offer’ - & also reflect on TRUTH that NO-ONE recovering/walking wounded due to childhood sexual assault at any time gave informed consent for what they've been burdened by. For 6months after being put on Disability Pension I sobbed about a disabled label & what some lacking in love/good will in my bio family could do with that label, plus grief/etc of feeling let my children down to not be a better witness of resilience & strong enough to continue working as latent onset PTSD symptoms became more &more intrusive; Id tried so hard to keep working, keep my head above water so to speak, &soldier on; please heed truth it’s unwise to mock any preventable suffering caused by crimes of violators of children's innocence.
      If your character genuinely is so flawed money can tempt you to lie, it’s YOUR poor decision/responsibility; if not, kindly cease posing and mocking. Sincerely hope some comments incl in this blog are NOT representative of "the average Aussie male," & ‘Get Real’ is capable of doing that, as some comments apparently demonstrate what you’re proving is naively opinionated, while abysmally ignorant & breathtakingly arrogant can manage to use a computer. If we walk in shoes similar to TL, or when we grow significantly in emotional/spiritual maturity, anger management & compassion, may our opinions be more valuable than clanging empty vessels? Why invest energy in slamming those who encourage you to learn, & spread mocking instead of love? What have you been lacking? Like Thomas, have you lacking in faith, incl in the audited administration of victim support, or is it more than that??

    5. So if you were a child assaulted in Aust, needing to face/articulate what you yet haven’t even now an adult, possibly still traumatised/etc, would YOU be rushing to your local police to put yourself through that drawn out legal process, where over &over during years til verdict you need to be in the same room as the criminal who violated you while he postures & lies, as criminals of this ilk often do, likely being re-traumatised in the process? Or, once you finally can bring yourself to speak of something so horrific/debilitating to your childhood/development, may you seek a less intimidating path to help, eg a rape counsellor? And if it takes you >20yrs to be able to, or have to (eg your offspring approach similar ages to when you were abused, &the maternal need to protect is hyper-vigilant as you know some men harm children so you’re terrified your children may be targeted too; the childhood violation you experienced CAN’T be disregarded) tell someone secrets too distressing/disgusting/shameful to you to speak of sooner, but now you need help; maybe to stop nightmares & face horrible truth with courage, maybe to feel you’re not alone in this overwhelming violation of life/dignity/ability to feel safe/etc, maybe to try to answer the haunting question, ‘why me?,’ or to help you know it wasn’t your fault, it’s the adult criminal's shame, not the victims' shame this was done, maybe to get to the point of being able to articulate >10 words every quarter hour due to distressed sobbing (as it's not helpful to police when trying to take a statement of sexual assault if the victim is still too traumatised/distressed to coherently articulate details of the crime, etc), maybe to get help with medical/other impacts of this crime in their life to be the best parent they can, &not crippled with fear; or if it takes 35yrs, or 50yrs, so be it. (Not one motivating factor there alludes to compensation!)
      Kindly cease mocking Tonya Lee.
      Will you mock me? Or admit weren’t as informed re trauma of childhood sexual assault/violation as opinionated? Have some words used in this 2part reply left you feeling a lack of peace or disconnected from your comfort zone? Some day we’ll all better understand full meaning of whatever we do even unto the least we do unto Jesus - please forgive me if some of my words seem criard/lacerating.
      MGBY with love, wisdom that love doesn’t take offence, & peace.

    6. Tonya Lee was $3000 in debt to the tax dept. and $10,000 in debt to her credit card. She was due to pay a very high level of interest to the bank and a fine to the tax department. Just after the tweets about Harris entered the Twitter arena, she rushed to get a certificate of psychological damage MENTIONING THE supposed ABUSE FOR THE FIRST TIME. She planned the false allegation to get money. She succeeded. She was in a theatre group when she was a kid so she had done a number of years of acting. Look at her Current Affair interview. This was obviously an act.
      She falsely claims she was groped by Harris when she was 15. She was confident and used to being loud on stage. Yet she didn't scream, she didn't tell her friends, peers, parents or the tour manager.
      AMAZINGLY Harris somehow knew she would not tell anyone, even though this is the first time he had met her, in a crowded pub.
      She is a bloody liar.

  7. Just watching the ACA interview for Tonya's reaction to the guilty verdict. She looks completely off her face, huge pupils and a stupid grin. I find her hard to take seriously.

    1. Hey supposedly fair and unbiased, does the universe revolve around you?
      Maybe your opinion wasn't uppermost in TL's mind at the time?
      Not uppermost motivation for me either! Don't expect you to take that seriously....

  8. rolf harris was found guilty on all charges ...i must ask the author of this blog when you were raped for you seam to know what a victim thinks and acts like after being assulted ...
    or are you upset that some females are seeking justice for a diabolical crime ...
    grow a brain and stop slinging shit at victims of a horendus proven crime ...

    1. Proven crime? PROVEN CRIME? Where's the proof?!

      'Victim': "He touched me 30 years ago, I remember the date and time, but not the year or how old I was"

      That is pretty much how it went down. These girls were lying through their teeth and you know it.

    2. Anonymous, do you not understand that when Darryl said Rolf was found guilty on all charges, that the PROOF is in the trial process that resulted in a jury convicting him? Instead of wasting time ranting, why don't you get a complete transcript, devote your time to understanding what the jury understand, and stop blogging crap?
      If they ever have a stand up comedian at prison where the paedophiles are, your Victim & Court & girls lying through their teeth crap may get an appreciative audience there, but this Vegemite also doesn't know what you claimed that Darryl knows, so don't bs to me either.

    3. Except that's not proof. There are several reasons why the jury in the Harris trial was prone to convict:
      (i) The very damning untrue publicity in the year before the trial completely destroyed any credibility that Harris had. All the jury members hated him before the trial started.
      (ii) The judge is required, by law, to inform the jury that victims of such crimes should be believed. The judge is also required to inform the jury that if many years have passed between the alleged crimes and the police charges, then there may be a very good reason for this delay. The judge followed this procedure but the jury don't generally understand that it is a legal requirement of the judge. As a result of all this, the jury then tends to make the assumption that the judge knows something that they don't ... so what do they do? They believe the unbelievable.
      (iii) The jury was not permitted to know about the background of Wendy Wild or the other accusers. The jury tends to believe that if the accusers were of bad character - then they would be informed. This is not true, the background of the accusers is restricted.
      (iv) Harris is a public figure, so it is unlikely that he will have only one accuser. This means that the accusers will reinforce each other. Under these circumstances Harris should have had four trials. Each kept separate from the other. Too expensive and too stressful on an old man - but that is the only way he could have been acquitted. It would only work if there was a media silence to prevent prejudice in the minds of the jury. Not much chance of that these days.
      (v) The jury is not told that the lawyers and the police trawl for potential victims, hoping to get as many as they can. They will use the media to make requests for Harris victims to come forward, when contacted they will travel half way around the world to persuade saying: "Here's our phone number, testify and you will be treated like a queen and there is a very good chance of a compensation payment." The temptation for false victims is enormous. During a trial, a jury tends to believe that the alleged victims have come forward purely for justice.
      (vi) The jury is not told of the large sum of money that a conviction will achieve for the accusers. Yet it is a very major motive for lying.
      Wendy Wild's lawyer, Liz Dux, threatened a post conviction civil action (which is more expensive to defend after a conviction) and successfully forced Harris to pay her £22,000. All for an allegation of a swift grope in a public place 30 years previously ... and strangely, this accuser told no one at the time. This accuser thought of it decades later when it was witch-hunt season and money is being thrown around.

    4. The trial was a farce, as explained by many websites, one of the first was:

  9. Well it's either corroboration by volume ...

    ...or never catching anyone at all.

    He may well have been about noncing but some of the trial has been a farce.
    Actually Tonya's claims are some of the more believeable ...
    ...certainly compared to the gig in Portsmouth that no one can even prove happened.
    And the groping that may have happened in 1975 or was it 1978 ...?

    As Columbo would have said... I hate to see criminal found guilty on the wrong evidence.

  10. Tonya Lee uses lawyers to get court transcript of her evidence:

    1. If you'd ever been to court you may know that documenting the trauma and keeping it in a file, or album, or something locked in the corner of the closet, or wherever, is one way victims may try to use a physical tool to help them get on with living their life as best they can. They'll still never be the same person they were before the trauma, but its a coping mechanism that can help some to have a better quality of live as a survivor.

    2. If you've ever been to court you may know that by requesting a transcript of their evidence the 'victim' can re-read it at their leisure to ensure that they don't say anything later on that will contradict it.

  11. Rolf Harris has been found guilty. That is his reality which he must deal with for the rest of his life. But what about us? "The good people".
    We add value to punishment, we love to see the perpertaor squirm in their own fear, and in doing so we become/are abusers.
    We get a kick out of naming, blaming and shaming. More, it's our law given right.
    By our own ignorance of ourselves we are creating the abusers.

    1. Don't understand what you mean by the idea of us creating the abusers.
      Are you of the opinion that naming and shaming paedophiles creates paedophiles?
      Are you of the opinion that the proven crimes of sexual predators being known by the public makes us abusers??
      If your words about the public supposedly loving to see the perpetrator squirm in their own fear, and in doing so we become/are abusers show that is what you mean, then maybe you haven't yet understood that:
      * a legally responsible adult chose to mis-use free will
      * a legally responsible adult chose to commit crimes
      * a legally responsible adult chose to abuse trust
      * a legally responsible adult chose to commit crimes against children
      * a legally responsible adult chose to not be honest about those crimes
      * a legally responsible adult chose unnecessary expense for taxpayers
      * a legally responsible adult has harmed many
      none of which gives me any pleasure,
      nor is there any pleasure for me in the so-called squirming of RH;
      in your opinion does that make an Aussie not abusing RH, or does that make your attempt to mis-label people who were glad to see him 'squirm' as abusers ill conceived??
      May it be better to stop throwing labels around and recognise that their are no absolute winners when sexual crimes are proven - those harmed by the criminal still have more healing to do, and the perpetrator has time to come to a more honest understanding of their impact on lives of others?
      If further charges are laid will he be honest this time? Will Rolf Harris emerge from prison a more honest man than when he went in? Will he come out of prison and do more of the same, eg more obscene images on his computer?
      Meanwhile, as you apparently have made the mistake of attempting to denigrate anyone accepting of the verdict as an abuser or creating abusers, would a Cognitive Therapy course be helpful to you?!
      Or maybe doing volunteer work in a rape crisis centre would make it harder for you to not open your eyes and mind to the VICTIMS created by sexual predators, and who it is that truly is an abuser....

      I am a victim of the monster Terry John Williamson.
      On the 5th August 1989 I attended a Blue Light Disco with school friends. I decided to walk home due to my lift being late and I didn’t want to get into trouble for being home late.
      I was so close to being home before Terry Williamson grabbed me, stuck a knife into my neck and dragged me into the school grounds of Bulli High School. He violated me, raped me, and left me there in the dark. He took my innocence and trust in people that dreadful night. He has destroyed my life. I was just a young girl of 13.
      The largest problem I had to deal with was that I was attending Bulli High School and it was a constant reminder of what had taken place, consequently I had to leave the school, my mother and the area.
      As years went by I have had to deal with this with no help. It was not talked about.
      He has destroyed my relationship with my mother, which is still strained and I have a big problem trying to deal with this.
      So many times I’ve wished that I was dead, but then I think of my three boys.
      I have issues with an eating disorder, I drink on a regular basis.
      I have three boys whom I love and would do anything to protect and keep them safe.
      My eldest son, being 18, has had to deal with my pain and anguish. It has also affected my two younger sons.
      My relationship with my children’s father has also been strained.
      I have trouble sleeping and have so since that night.
      Terry Williamson has been protected and helped, which he doesn’t deserve. He is free to breathe the same air as me and his other victims.
      My life is a living nightmare, a constant reminder of that ill-fated night.
      His actions have caused me pain and trouble that I tend to take out on the people that mean the most to me.
      I am constantly looking over my shoulder since his release.
      Terry Williamson does not deserve any freedom nor help to live the rest of his life. He is a sexual predator and showed no remorse for his crimes.

    3. For the comments made by Anonymous 27 July 2014 16:19, I am not concerned nor surprised to read your comments. The fact that you haven't asked further questions but have instead delivered a pretty much damning and spiteful verdict yourself indicates to me that my original comment regarding how we become abusers stands firm. I am a person who was once abused and I can say what I god damn please regardless of your do gooder attitude. I doubt if your comments serve the preference of anyone other than yourself or people like minded to yourself. This does not break the cycle.

    4. Are some of the commentors on here sharing a bottle or two with Tonya Lee?

      That aside, I still find it somewhat unfathomable that someone can be convicted on testimony of a one of event decades ago. The case with his daughter's friend appears to be a classic case of grooming, but the one of groping seems to be a completely different MO.

      However, he has been found guilty by a court of law, and is by all accounts quite bitter about this. But he's not really taking the path of Mandella, or Hurricane in his humble approach of acceptance. Maybe with faith, the truth will prevail. But Rolf's current actions seem to paint him in a guilty light (ie the "Song" penned from prison).

  12. GET REAL, do your comments thus far about Tonya Lee or Nina Becker give you any reason to think you may owe them apologies? Make sure your comments are legal and will not make you liable for prosecution and/or civil action.

  13. Whoever above thinks that the verdicts are correct and that I should apologise to Tonya Lee can know that I believe the jury was either rigged or stupid. Rolf has lodged an appeal and I hope it succeeds. Tonya Lee should be in prison for perjury and there needs to be a huge investigation into this corrupt trial. Pat Davies

  14. The more you read about this trial, the more you realize it stinks. It is becoming frighteningly common. My colleagues son went through the same corruption too (seriously people don't understand how awful it is until it happens to someone they know). This young man was in his early twenties and a volunteer at a youth club and a girl he knew of 15 had a crush on him. She told him by email. He replied by email saying he cared about her too. She was about 1 month from 16 (legal age here). They didn't have sex or anything. Her Mum found the emails, threw a wobbly, and he was prosecuted. The judge wanted to give a 'suspended sentence' then was swapped at the last minute and he was convicted. The girl didn't even know what her mother was up to until he was banged up in prison and what happened? The girl tried (and thankfully failed) to kill herself, she was so horrified with what had happened to her 'disappeared' crush. THIS IS THE GOD'S HONEST TRUTH I am only being vague to respect the anonymity of the people involved. The balance of justice is way out of wack... yet to be a 'cougar' is fashionable (female 'immunity' much? - and before anyone presumes - I'm female and I still think it stinks).

  15. Shocked at the RH convictions I also think Tonya Lee is lying her body language doesn't ring true. Good on you Lizzie the world needs more people like you, And true Pat Tonya should be in prison, Alex Willis.