Friday, 2 January 2015

Coleman Rail and Adelaide's Tram Extension. Fix the problems the government is accusing you of creating!!

A number of readers will have seen the reports of major problems involving the tram extension in Adelaide.

From recent reports, it appears the problems were created by Coleman Rail, the builder of the extension.

It appears from the reports that most of the problems surround the power conduit running along the length of the track. The South Australian government has launched Supreme Court action against Coleman Rail in a bid to recoup compensation for the extra work needed to bring the track up to scratch.

Some of the problems in the report are detailed below:

  • A number of access pits at tram stops contain water and have been built to a substandard level. How will workers be able to get into the pits to do work ?
  • The electrical conduit, which one assumes, should be quite clean and free of foreign material has been found to contain sludge, string, gravel, rocks and even a tent peg.
  • The conduit is in sections, cracked and leaking. Duh!! This is electricity we are playing with. Does anyone remember that electricity and water don't mix?
  • Sand used to pack around the conduit to provide stabilisation and protection has been laid haphazardly and without care. In addition, the cable placement is also haphazard and undulating. In other words, it's up and down all over the place. Don't think this is a drama? Low area's can result in water pooling around the cracked conduit and zappo... I don't want to be on the tram when it has another power outage on a freezing cold wet day.
If these problems are really caused by bad workmanship, I fail to see how Coleman Rail aren't jumping to fix the issues. If I did some work for someone and the work later showed to be substandard, I'd be jumping to fix it asap to keep my reputation. Maybe Coleman Rail simply don't care? I'd imagine they get enough government contracts for builds and repairs that they don't feel they need to do anything to fix their alleged substandard work.

I think it's important to show larger companies that think they're above the government and provide substandard work as alleged, that they are still responsible to fix their mistakes. It's how they respond to the alleged mistakes is what matters. To claim no ownership of the problem after the event is like turning your back and pretending it hasn't happened. Coleman Rail need to take ownership of this problem and work with the government to sort out the issues and have them rectified. Isn't positive press all what it's about?

South Australia is not a big State. This sort of work to us is a major build. We need to get maximum value for money for our economy. We're not the size of NSW or Victoria (economically speaking) and have to make the money spread around as best we can, and get the best value we can.

You can visit Coleman Rail  / Geotech Groups Facebook page and let them know you're not happy with their alleged poor work.

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