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Is it fair that victims of crime exaggerate their claim in a victim impact statement or testimony in court? Should alleged sex assault victims not be allowed to go to the media? Bill Cosby, Prince Andrew, Virginia Roberts.

On the heels of the guilty verdict of Rolf Harris, plus allegations against Cliff Richard, plus allegations against Bill Cosby, it got me thinking of how fair the 'system' is.

In the case of a 'not guilty' plea, a defense lawyer will usually try and find fault with the victims claim and/or discredit their testimony in the defense of their client. In return, the prosecution also tries to discredit the defense and find faults in the defense testimony. What is fair for one side is fair for the other.

It has often been said by defense lawyers that a sex crime allegation is hard to defend simply by the fact that most people will ask the question "Why would she/he make up such an allegation"? Add 20 years into the equation, and whammo, you have a court case that will most probably go in favour of the victim, even if the victim is lying, or exaggerating their claim. Is this fair? No, of course not.

I'm sure, most of the alleged victims in the Rolf Harris case had on occasions met with him in the past. But, have they been assaulted by him? And what constitutes an assault in the moral sense? If I touch someone on the shoulder, am I committing a crime? If I gently smack a woman on the bum as she goes past, am I committing a crime? Of course I am, but lets face it, it's not going to make the sky fall down.

Here lies the dilemma which pisses me off.

Lets say I'm a rock singer and as singers do, they have fans, who follow them around. I have the chance to meet with some of my fans after a concert and as it goes, I give one or two of them a smack on the bum. It might also be that a fan stays and we end up in bed together. No, I didn't specifically ask her to stay as we were in each others arms kissing and making out. I took it that she and I wanted sex, and it was mutual. She was happy and loving every bit of it, as was I.

Fast forward 25 years.

A middle aged woman comes out to the media with allegations she was sexually assaulted by me after a concert, a number of years ago.

She says I used her infatuation to gain her trust and use it to my advantage to have sex with her, thereby committing a sexual assault. So far, she hasn't made an official complaint to police. And lets face it, in most of these high profile cases of recent, the complainants have gone to the media first.

Suddenly another woman arrives on the doorstep of the media, and claims "Oh, I was assaulted as well many years ago". That was the woman I gave a gentle smack on the bum to. I have to own up to that as I probably shouldn't have done it.

Well now, the media thinks all it's Christmases have come at once. Virtually unknown people coming to them with exclusive stories to tell. They are wetting themselves with joy, and boy, are they going to have a field day. My life is laid out and I'm described as a monster who prayed on young girls, using my stature as a rock singer to woo them.

Women band together on the front steps of buildings yelling abuse to me (via the ever present media). My life is undergoing a bit of turmoil at the moment.

People who know me, support me. Those people who don't know me personally, (which is most of the public), think I'm a monster.

Is it fair for a woman to have willing sex 25 years ago, then later in life, change her mind and say she was assaulted? No, of course not. But somehow, some women think this is fair. The woman I had consensual sex with 25 years ago tells the media she was assaulted and all the time she never wanted sex. I'm bewildered as when we were in each others arms kissing and canoodling, I thought it's what we both wanted. She showed no signs of resisting my approach and seemed to be loving it. Apparently not, as now she's saying I assaulted her. How dumb was I to think her smiles and laughing was all put on and she was hating it.

Ultimately, the case goes to the court and I'm found guilty (surprise surprise), and I spend the next 3 years in prison for an assault which apparently happened without either of us knowing about it all those years ago.

Let's leave the pretend world of the rock singer and look at this case and other points.

  • Should a person be allowed to have willing sex and then change their minds later that in fact it wasn't willing sex?
  • Should a 'victim'' be allowed to exaggerate their hurt in a victim impact statement to make their case more likely to succeed?
  • Why is it that when men lodge complaints against women for sexual assault, they mostly are lost or the case is thrown out?
  • It seems on the face of it, that women never sexually assault men. What about a woman who is horny and her male partner wants to sleep? She's all over him trying to get him aroused, and all he wants to do is sleep. Why is this not considered assault? Why is it OK for women to assault a man like this but if a man does it, he's in the shit for not being sensitive enough and not remembering "no means no". This doesn't seem to apply to women.
  • Do men now have to resort to getting women to sign a consent form before having consensual sex to protect themselves from these women who will try and turn the tables around?

Virginia Roberts

The case now hitting the headlines is of Virginia Roberts, The woman who has lodged legal documents in a United States court as to her being kept as a 'sex slave' by Wall Street financier, Jeffrey Epstein. According to ... yes.. you guessed it, the media, Roberts claims to have had underage sex with many men arranged by Epstein, including Prince Andrew. Funny how stuff like this happens to 'leak' to the media ... probably in an effort to build the sympathetic momentum. It all seems a bit orchestrated if you ask me. No matter what the verdict, she will walk away a rich woman. Probably just what she wanted.

Already, the headlines claim "VIRGINIA ROBERTS: FROM SEX SLAVE TO GOLD COAST MUM". Nowhere is it mentioned that it's actually been proved that she was a sex slave, so why not word the headline "ALLEGED SEX SLAVE". But no, that doesn't excite the media. So this carefully orchestrated campaign to 'leak' information to the press to help her case has started.

Roberts also claims she was underage. Underage for where? The age of consent in Britain is 16, as with parts of America. In other parts of America it is 17 and 18. So her claim of being underage is just crap. In my opinion, a young girl in Roberts position of being pampered and 'hanging' with the rich and famous would be a huge ego boost. For all we know, she might have been a very willing sex partner. (Remember what I said before about women who change their minds later in life?).

If you're going to hang around with that seedy part of life having sex with the rich and famous, you have to expect some of that seediness to rub on you. You can't have your cake and eat it too. If this relationship between Virginia Roberts and Jeffrey Epstein really did exist. I'll bet you she wanted every bit of sex and to be able to flirt with the rich and famous. What other girl (fullstop) is going to have the chance of having sex with Prince Andrew? Roberts quotes "He wasn't my type .. but I still did it anyway". Duh, Hello, Well, of course you are going to say this type of comment. You're trying to garner public opinion and you want it to go in your favour. You don't want to be seen as some bimbo slut sleeping around with famous people so what better way to explain stuff as it was 'expected' of you. "I was being kept by Jeffery Epstein (and Ghislain Maxwell), and I was effectively lent out (prostituted out) to his rich friends for sex". And of course, she adds 'juicy' parts in to make her story more plausible. I'd be interested to know how she and the prosecution intends to prove her case. It's her word against the powerful lawyers of the ruch and famous. I guess that's why you need to have the media campaign to garner support.

From Roberts own mouth, she claimed to have met the Queen, but this has been refuted by her father, who also says her claims should be tested in court. The father now speaks out but where was he when she was 17 and being used as a sex slave?

Virginia Roberts stands to make a lot of money from the media attention to her case. Funny that. If the case is unsuccessful, she still stands to make millions from it. There'll be the women's magazines, probably a book in the making with some title of "From sex slave to proud Mum". But, the public aren't stupid. They'll stand divided. The women's groups will herald her a saviour to women, whilst others will look at her as a bimbo that may or may not have had sex legally or illegally. If she had sex with all or some of the people she said she did, how will this be proved in a court of law?

Retired Harvard University Professor Alan Dershowitz has accused Virginia Roberts of lying, saying he can prove her claims are ‘completely untrue’. Roberts claims to have had sex with Professor Alan Dershowitz in Jeffrey Epsteins private island. She claims she was 'forced' to have sex. Dershowitz does not refute that he was on the island as a guest of Epsteins, but asserts that the one day he was there, he was with his wife and daughter the whole time and the family slept in the same apartment room together.

It's liken it to a bimbo who has had the privilege of meeting a lot of esteemed people, and she may or may not have had sex with some of them. And she may have been underage or she may not, depending on what country or county she was in. Like I said before, 16, 17 and 18 is an age where a lot of countries allow teenagers to have sex. Roberts doesn't claim she was beaten or tortured, but simply she was used as a 'sex slave'. And now that term bothers her and she's pissed by it. What better way to protect your image but to say you were forced into it. I don't buy that sorry. Some of you will, but I don't. We're not talking some middle age dark countries here. We're talking about the United States and London. You can't tell me that if Roberts felt she was being abused or mistreated, she couldn't have found a way to get to a police station or another person for help? She's not claiming to be held against her will, so that can't figure into it. I reckon she's simply been a bimbo to the stars and now regrets it.

Sorry, love, you can't live the high life and enjoy all the benefits and then turn around years later and claim it was all forced onto you, and you were too young and stupid to know what was going on. I'll bet you knew exactly what was going on.

Get Real

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